Mali The Power of Suratul Fatiha

Huehuetenango Introduction to surat Al-Fatiha.

Suratul Fatiha is the first chapter in the only Quran that consists of seven verses. Rightly called purchase Pregabalin the Essence of the Book.

It teaches us the perfect prayer. For if we can pray aright, it means that we have some knowledge of Allah and His attributes.

Prayer is the heart of Religion and Faith. Suratul Fatiha is the opened blessing for mankind. That’s why the chapter is called the buy Lyrica pills Opening chapter. It’s is been recited by every Muslim that observes salat in every prayer and on many other occasions.

It is rightly placed at the beginning of the Quran, as summing up, in marvelously terse and comprehensive words, man’s relation to Allah in contemplation and prayer.

In our spiritual contemplation, the first words should be of praise. If the praise is from our inmost being, it brings us closer to Allah. Then our eyes see all good, peace, and harmony. Evils, rebellion, and conflict are purged out.


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